Family & Resident Information

Common questions when looking for care and when moving time arrives:

Do you have a family member ready for long term care or are you seeking information regarding long term care? Below is a link to Health PEI with helpful information to begin the process.

How do I know if my family member is considered community care or nursing care?

This information is determined when the care coordinator from Health PEI reviews your needs and determines if you are considered community care or nursing care. If the care coordinator determines that you are at the nursing care level, they will ensure that you are placed on the provincial wait list for nursing care at the facilities of your preference.

When I am ready to move into care what should I do about financial arrangements?

Prior to moving into long term nursing care you or your family will contact Health PEI to have a financial review completed. Contact information: Long-term Care Subsidization Program at 1-888-365-5313. This review will determine if you qualify for subsidization or will be considered self-pay. When completed, this information will be passed on to you as well as to our facility. Upon moving in to our facility you will meet with our finance office to discuss payment options and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

What can I take with me when I move in?

We welcome you take take along personal items to create a familiar feeling for yourself. Items such as a chair, dresser, television, photos, seasonal clothing and other small items that would provide comfort. We encourage you to label as many of these items as possible prior to moving in, items that have not been labeled with be taken care of by the nursing staff.

What additional information will be helpful with the moving in process?

It is helpful to have your emergency contact information or next of kin contact ie: name, address, phone numbers. It is also helpful to bring along a copy of your Power of Attorney if you have one, private medical overage information if you any, as well as your Social Insurance Number.

Scent Policy

Please be aware that we are a scent free building.