Attending community events and getting out & about is very important. Here at the Lodge we try to make use of our bus and take residents out for community events, such as plays, dinners and picnics, as often as possible.

Please let staff know in advance if you will be attending an outing with family and/or care-givers so medications can be prepared. As well, the resident sign-out sheet should be filled out on departure and upon arrival to the Lodge if you are taking a resident for an outing.


The Activity Director and RCAs strive to promote an active recreational department. There are numerous programs offered which will engage you either physically, socially, intellectually and spiritually. Some activities include: Exercise class, Bingo, Craft, Wood working, Baking, Birthday Celebrations, Seasonal Parties and many more.


As part of our commitment to providing residents with a healthy, community-oriented atmosphere to live in, the Dr. John M. Gillis Memorial Lodge offers a 5 week menu rotation of fresh, delicious meals. Our facility offers meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as snacks during the day. We can also accommodate special dietary requirements upon request. Residents will dine in a communal dining area, just like a big family, and residents who require special assistance can enjoy their meal in the common room with resident care workers or RNs. All meals are served at pre-schedule times, though in some case we are able to accommodate individual schedules:

  • Breakfast - served between 8 a.m. - 9 a.m.

  • Lunch - served at 12 p.m.

  • Supper - served at 5 p.m.

*Families are welcome to join residents on occasion

When in season, we use our homegrown vegetables to prepare meals for our residents. This allows us to control how the produce is grown, handled and prepared every step of the way, ensuring that all residents receive the freshest, healthiest vegetables available.

Pastoral Services

Catholic mass is held the first & second Friday of every month at 10:30 a.m.

Protestant services are held Thursday afternoons at 2:00 p.m.


Residents assist, along with staff, with a canteen Monday, Wednesday & Friday afternoon. Treats such as chips, chocolate bars, gum, etc, can be purchased at a small fee.


Residents may have The Guardian or Graphic delivered. It may be ordered by you or your family/care-giver directly via the newspaper’s office. Staff will deliver the paper upon arrival.


If you wish to have a telephone in your room, please speak with the office for information on how to step-up an account. A monthly phone bill will reflect on your invoice.


Flat screen televisions are encouraged for use on a wall mount. Also, for everyone’s enjoyment, the common room and seating areas throughout the building feature a television and DVD player.


Laundry is available 7a.m.-5:30 p.m. every day of the week. All residents personal items are labeled by staff or family care-givers upon arrival to ensure items are returned.


Family members or care-givers are encouraged to accompany you to appointments. We understand this is not always possible and transportation and assistance can be provided.


Visiting with family and friends is encouraged at any time.Parking is provided along the Lodge, as well in the parking lot at the main entrance.

Hairdresser and Barber Service

Hair Care is available to residents on a weekly basis. A small fee will reflect on monthly invoices.Hours – Wednesday & Thursday 7:30a.m.-3:30p.m.

Library Services

The Recreation Department provides a book exchange with residents through the Provincial Library. Books are available for all to borrow. For book request, please contact recreation staff.


Mail is sorted by office staff and delivered to your room.

All mail to you should be addressed in care of:

3134 Garfield Road, Belfast P.O. PEI, C0A 1A0